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Real-time reporting of all driver activities
such as refueling and odometer readings.

Fleet Management Revolutionized

Increase efficiency. Reduce expenditures.

Because at SCI, we believe that Every Drop Counts!
We provide an innovative and cost- effective solution.

Fuel Shield

Fuel Shield provides fleet managers a variety of cost-effective fuel dispensing and record tracking solutions. This is an automatic wireless system ...

Level Shield

Level Shield is a standalone Unified Fleet Module for managing fuel storage tanks. Fuel management begins with proper control of fuel inventory ...

Tanker Shield

Theft, contamination, and security are major challenges for the fuel distribution industries. Contamination of fuels impacts product quality and ...

Flow Shield

Flow Shield is a series of flow meters designed primarily for diesel engines where differential measurement with high accuracy is required ...

Vision Shield

Vision Shield is a security Unified Fleet Module designed to protect fuel storage, pumps, perimeters, and other assets through live video streaming ...

Track Shield

Track Shield, our Fleet management software system, allows you to track your driving activities and the serviceability of your vehicles. Increase profitability ...

Fleet And Fuel Management

SCI Distribution’s wireless fuel management and wireless fleet management products allow you to manage your fleet and fuel consumption from one location.

SCI Distribution wireless technology takes fleet management and fuel Management to the next level by giving fleet managers complete control and accurate reporting of all driver activities such as refueling, odometer readings, real-time reporting per vehicle or the entire fleet. All through SCI’s Fuel Shield, Level Shield, Track Shield, Point One and Mile Shield services.

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